Medicavet is the first veterinary pharmaceutical company in Turkey, qualified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification from the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock.

Medicavet which was established with 100% domestic capital in 2003, in order to produce animal health products, product range includes disinfectants and feed additives products in addition to pharmaceuticals that are produced in GMP standards. Product range cover animals like poultry, fish, cattle, small cattle and horse.

Medicavet serves with total of 50 employees who are the experts of their sector as veterinarians, doctors, chemists, chemical engineers, biologists, fishery engineers, agricultural engineers, industrial engineers and administrators.
Medicavet adopted the principle of improving the quality of customer service and to provide the management and administration within the company in accordance with performance management system that the main philosophy of the human resources.

Medicavet which its quality is registered with GMP certificate produces all of its innovative products globally competitive by applying scientific rules and requirements.
Medicavet takes serious steps towards branding by exporting to the Middle East, the Balkans, the Turkic Republics and African countries as is the case in domestic market.
Our company adopted a policy of sustainable growth, serving the most economic and quick solutions to its customers by using MRP and ERP applications most effectively.

Medicavet executes the activities of R&D with scientific institutions such as TÜBİTAK accordingly its customer-focused principle which with the aim of performing necessary innovations identifying customer needs and expectations.

Our quality system is improved with continuous training in our company which has ISO Integrated Quality Management Systems in accordance with Kaizen management philosophy.

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