Considering as minimum standards of Medicavet Guides and  Environmental Safety Regulations of Turkish Republic,

Starting with our suppliers to our customers all the way through, contributing to increase environmental awareness  by  pull together with everyone

Manage the risks associated with environmental safety

Managing risks and making  assessment related to environmental safety of chemicals used and to check the compliance of requirements.
As a result of activities by tracking the wastes, supporting waste-reducing activities, providing  reuse, recovery / recycling, ensuring disposal in the cases where it  is not possible.

For the prevention of pollution, constantly supporting environmental sensitivity, and using  environment-friendly technology.

Managing risks and to detect hazards may cause threaten the environment in our operations.

Generating healthy working conditions for the employees, visitors, contractors and the environment .

Support  and ensure efficient use of energy and natural resources

During our activities and services to provide all necessary protection avoiding damage to  ecological balannce.

New in realizing our investments to be in the vanguard of  using  environment-friendly Technologies

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