Quality Policy of Medicavet Tarım Hayvancılık İlaç ve Kimya San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. İs determined by senior management, includes the following items.

  • Customer Orientation

    To provide ensure customer satisfaction determining exactly what the needs and expectations of our customers, by producing with optimum quality and most cost-effective and constanly work to improve.

  • Training

    To ensure the development of our employees further improving our quality every day and to organize educational activities in order to increase efficiency and ensure continuity

  • Ongoing improvement

    The latest technological developments in our industry followed closely the demands of our customers and continually improve the quality management system in accordance with the objectives and be open to innovations.

  • Respect for the human and the environment

    To our understanding of quality; to avoid any action and activity that will disrupt the balance of natüre in order to leave a livable and a high quality of environment for future generations.

  • Exactness

    We have done activities, as required by legislation and business life in accordance to the highest moral values and leading by example to the community in this respect.

  • Cooperation and Teamwork

    Competitive market conditions, to provide better service to our customers and our suppliers to ensure long-term competitive advantage, building and improving relationships to provide honest, based on mutual trust and enhanced quality of service.

  • Quality Management System

    To see all the action as the cornerstone of our quality, service and product to achieve the highest standards of work with zero error and ensure continuous improvement of the system

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